Advice For Granny Dating (For The Ladies)

sc002Nine times out of ten if you are reading this you are considering granny dating and you have not been on a date in quite some time. That is okay. Many people join the world of the dating singles after the age of forty-five, so calm down, take a deep breath, and remember to exhale.

Granny dating is women who are old enough to be grandmothers joining the fun filled world with single people getting together and going out. It does not mean that you have to go out with someone young enough to be your grandson, or young enough to have a curfew. Granny’s can go out with grandpas too.

Older women are often scared to death to start to date again because they have not done this in a long time. It is true that things have changed in the dating world, and you will have to adjust some.

If you are older than fifty, you probably remember a suitor coming to your house, picking you up, and driving you home after the evening was over. When they got to your home they walked you to the door where they hoped you would grant them the honor of a kiss before entering.

Today it is completely acceptable for you to meet your companion for the evening at the restaurant, theater, or location of your date. This way you have your own car and can leave at any time you feel like doing so. Women have a lot more options than they did in the 60s and 70s and they are exercising those options more today when they date.

If you are close to fifty, and you remember going out to dinner you always dressed nicely, and the man picked up the check. It was understood that the man would pay for the meal, any entrance tickets to shows or movies, and they paid for all other expenses that were incurred during the evening.

There are still some men who insist on covering the charges for everything, but they are getting rare. Along with the female gaining more freedom to decide where to go on the date, when to leave the location, and all of that, they earned the right to split the tab.

Many dates today have the gentleman paying for dinner and the lady pick up the movie tickets and the popcorn.