Granny Dating: A Look At The Advantages

sc009Granny dating is a fast growing category of dating preferences. You have heard of dating a cougar, well, one step above the cougar is the granny, and they are beginning to make their presence known in the dating communities. So why should you date an older woman versus a younger woman?

Older women are more emotionally secure than younger women are. These women have already been through a lot of  life experiences that people have to go through in order to develop emotional stability. Younger women have not yet had to face enough emotional problems to allow them to develop emotional security and maturity. Women that are more advanced in years are less jealous than their younger counterparts are. These women do not get as upset when plans change. Women fifty and older generally like less drama in their lives.

Women who are more mature are usually financially more secure than younger women are. They can generally afford to take time off of work to go on trips, and they can usually pay their own way when it is required. Younger women have not yet developed that financial security and often need help in meeting their monthly obligations. Younger women can rarely afford to take off from work on the spur of the moment.

The older women are better at listening to others than younger women are. Older women are not as self-centered as many younger women are. The years of experience have taught the mature woman to be patient and give the other person a chance to be the center of attention. You will find that a more mature woman is easier to talk to and often they are a lot more understanding than younger girls are.

A female that is over the age of forty will be open to a wider variety of activities because they have a wider variety of interests. The women of this age are generally very smart, and they like to see, and try new experiences. The two of you may go to the opera one evening, and the next date may find you playing miniature golf, but for both evenings the older female will be pleased to take part.

With the passing of each year, a woman develops more skills, knowledge, patience, and strengths. Younger women are beautiful, fun, and vibrant, but the older the violin the sweeter the music. There is something to be said for experience.